Norwest Arena

Live Cam of Norwest Arena in Oliver Paipoonge, Ontario.

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Norwest Arena

Norwest Arena, positioned in Oliver Paipoonge, Ontario, Canada, emerges as a significant center for community sports and events. This facility, nestled just east of Kakabeka Falls off Highway 17, unites the local community through its diverse offerings and warm atmosphere.

Firstly, the arena’s strategic location captures attention. It stands conveniently near Thunder Bay, making it an accessible venue for residents of Oliver Paipoonge and surrounding areas. This accessibility fosters a vibrant gathering space for people from various backgrounds.

Moreover, Norwest Arena proudly supports the Kam River Fighting Walleye Junior A hockey team, highlighting its commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering competitive sports within the community. The arena’s affiliation with a junior A team brings excitement and pride to the area, showcasing the high-quality ice sports that take place within its walls.

Additionally, the facility is known for its multi-purpose use. Besides hockey, the arena accommodates figure skating, ringette, and various community events, including trade shows, dog shows, and social gatherings. This versatility ensures that the arena remains a central hub for a wide range of activities.