Current River Arena

Live Camera Streaming of Current River Arena in Thunder Bay.

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Current River Arena

Current River Arena in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, stands as a key sports and community hub. Situated at 425 Grenville Ave, this venue brings athletes and families together for various ice sports and events. Let’s discuss what makes the arena a cherished local landmark.

First off, the arena’s location merits attention. Nestled between Lillian Street and Dewe Ave, it is easily accessible from major routes in Thunder Bay. Simple directions guide visitors from Thunder Bay Expy. 11 to the arena, making it a breeze for anyone to find. Furthermore, the arena sits in a vibrant neighborhood, adding to its community feel.

Moreover, Current River Arena boasts a range of amenities. Notably, it offers seasonal operations, ensuring that programs cater to the community’s needs throughout the year. Although it does not host a pro shop, it compensates with a welcoming sack bar for refreshments and a variety of seasonal programs that engage children and adults alike in physical activities. Such offerings emphasize the arena’s role in promoting health and wellness in Thunder Bay