Webcam Wenduine, De Haan | Hotel Les Mouettes | Belgium

Live HD webcam from Hotel Les Mouettes in the resort village of Wenduine in the city of De Haan, Belgium in the West Flanders Region.

Live Webcam Wenduine, De Haan

The pleasant and hospitable resort of Wenduine is very quiet. Wenduine is a seaside resort on the Belgian North Sea coast. It is a village with approximately 4000 inhabitants in the West-Flemish municipality of De Haan. De Haan is affectionately referred to as Belgium’s most beautiful village at the coast. Thanks to the presence of the unique and picturesque tram station dating back to the previous century. It also has the protected villa quarter, the Concessie, that still has the air of the grandeur of the Belle Ă©poque.

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