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Live Webcam Skiathos

Watch this live HD webcam from Skiathos International Airport in the country of Greece. Skiathos’s stunning natural beauty is evident due in part to its 60 pristine beaches nestled along the coastline, making sure you will never run out of things to do. The scenic beaches are complemented by crystal-clear warm waters, long stretches of golden sand and surrounding cypress-topped cliffs or pine forests. However, there is far much more that intrigues tourists to frequent the island. Food connoisseurs enjoy the wide variety of scrumptious restaurants including Achinos Seaside Bar Restaurant, Black Peeper amongst many other dining options. The Skiathos Palace Hotel is a very popular 4 star hotel that offers beautiful seaside views off the coast. Skiathos as a whole offers nice lodging options everything from villas to hotels. The map below shows the full island of Skiathos.