Webcam Cala Agulla – Mallorca Island – Capdepera Spain | Video

Live HD Webcam Cala Agulla

Beautiful live HD webcam from Playa Cala Agulla on Mallorca Island in the municipality of Capdepera, Spain.

Cala Agulla is an amazing resort beach nestled just two km away from the medieval town of Capdepera. This beach attracts many tourists an locals with its stunning scenery. View the beautiful mountain hills and gorgeous beachfront on the northeast coast of Mallorca. It is surrounded by the wild beauty of sand dunes, pine trees, desert plants, and low lying rocky areas. The webcam from Playa Cala Agulla captures all of these things. These distinct land features form Llevant Peninsula Natural Park. Cala Agulla is kept very tidy and is amongst Mallorca’s top 20 beaches.

Town of Capdepera

The historic town was originally a fortified village in 1300. From that time frame, to present day, the Capdepera Castle remains the top tourist attraction. The towns rich history is preserved through its medieval monuments. All of these factors make Capdepera a must for visitors.

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