Lower Harbor Ore Dock

Live cam view from Marquette’s Lower Harbor and Ore Dock.

Views from the Ore Dock Marquette

This Ore Dock is located in Marquette in Michigan’s Marquette County. It is a relic of Marquette’s iron ore mining and maritime industry. This was used for loading ore onto lake freighters. The first ore dock ever built for the iron industry was constructed in Marquette in 1857. The ore dock now on display was built in 1931, and was closed in 1971. Although it isn’t active, this Ore Dock in particular is arguably the most visited and photographed on the Lake Superior Circle Tour. It is easily accessible to view, right at the beginning of the Marquette City Multi-use path. The Upper Harbor Ore Dock still functions as an operating dock for iron ore freighters picking up iron ore pellets to deliver to steel mills