Duluth Harbor Webcam- Enjoy Live Canal Cams 

For people who love watching boats and lighthouses, Duluth Harbor is the perfect spot. It used to be open for visitors, but unfortunately, they’ve closed it down for good. But the good news is you can still enjoy the view through our live Duluth Harbor Webcam! Just click on any of the under-given webcams online and check out the real-time look at all the action. 

Lake CamSolglimt Bed & BreakfastDuluth LighthousePier BAerial Lift Bridge
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Our cams give you a peek into the lively life of Duluth-Superior. This city has been a popular spot for ships and boats since the 1800s. Even now, it’s still a popular place for both business and free-time activities. Take a virtual tour through the harbor’s different views. You’ll see everything from the famous Aerial Lift Bridge to the calm waters of Lake Superior. 

Explore the Harbor Cams, Lift Bridge Cam, City Cams, Lighthouse Cams, and more. Each one offers a special peek into what makes Duluth unique. With everything being online, you get a whole new way to enjoy different cities with webcams for live streaming. You can also check out our other webcams from all over the US. 

Watch Live Duluth Harbor Webcams and More

As a port city, Duluth has many popular Harbor, Canal, and Lighthouse webcams. We’ve also given webcams of other famous Duluth Minnesota webcams, so choose the one you’re interested in! 

Harbor Cams:

In the 1800s, the Port of Duluth-Superior became known as a major transportation center in the middle of the country. Most exports like wood, grain, coal, and iron ore were and still are handled here. On the harbor, there are also people coming on ships, including immigrants, business people, and tourists. Thanks to under-given Duluth Harbor Cams, anyone can take a peek at what’s happening in the harbor from different angles. Let’s check them out:

  • Duluth Pier B Cam: This camera is set up at Pier B which gives you a great view of the harbor, the big bridge called the Aerial Lift Bridge, and the city skyline. You can watch the sun come up over Lake Superior in the morning and see Bayfront Park right next door whenever you like. 
  • Western Harborcam: This webcam is on top of Lincoln Park Middle School. It shows us a big view of the western part of the harbor. You can see all the boats and stuff happening there.
  • Duluth Minnesota Harbor Cam: Check out this live stream from the Duluth Harbor Cam in Minnesota. It shows what’s happening in the Duluth-Superior inner harbor.

Lift Bridge Cam:

In Duluth, Minnesota, there’s this bridge called the Aerial Lift Bridge. People used to call it the Aerial Bridge or Aerial Ferry Bridge. It’s like a symbol of the engineering development of Duluth. See it on the Live Duluth Lift Bridge Cam! You can watch it live on the Duluth Lift Bridge Cams. 

These cameras sit on the roof of the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, so you get a great view of the bridge. The cameras show ships coming and going in Duluth Harbor. The boats come to the Twin Ports and sail through Lake Superior. You can see it all happening right there on your screen.

Duluth City Cams:

Duluth sits on the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota. You can take a stroll along the Lakewalk trail in Canal Park. It’s got great views where you can check out the Great Lakes Aquarium for fish from both salty and fresh waters. And if you’re into trains, head to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, housed in an old train depot, to see some cool old locomotives. There’s a lot to watch and since you can’t visit in person, check these webcams out: 

  • Great Lake Aquarium Webcam: This cam is on top of the Great Lakes Aquarium. It shows you the Aerial Lift Bridge and the Duluth Shipping Canal. You can watch ships come and go—it’s like being there!
  • Duluth Hillside Cam: Located in Duluth’s Hillside neighborhood, it gives you a big view of Duluth’s harbors. You can see boats and the Monarch Highway. It’s like a live picture postcard!
  • Wisconsin Point: This cam is at the Superior Entry to the Duluth-Superior Harbor. You can see big and small boats going through the canal. Plus, there’s a cool falcon cam from Madison, Wisconsin, showing you birds!
  • Soo Locks Webcams: These cams show big ships passing through the locks. These locks help ships travel from Duluth to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s calming to watch.

Lake Superior and Duluth Lighthouse Cams:

The Duluth area has the perfect combination of lakes, rivers, and streams with Lighthouses. This is perfect for setting up cameras and catching the view. Lake Superior, the biggest freshwater lake globally, surrounds Duluth, a city in Minnesota known for its port. These are the best superior lake harbor cams on live stream cameras. Here’s what you can watch: 

  • Lake Superior Live Webcam Duluth, MN: The Lake Superior Live Webcam shows you what’s happening in Duluth Harbor. You can watch boats, people, and the waves rolling in. 
  • Lighthouse Cam #1: This webcam is on top of the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center. It lets you see the lighthouses along the canal. These lighthouses are important for keeping ships safe as they travel through the water. With this webcam, you can see everything from up high–Like a panoramic view.
  • Lighthouse Cam #2: Want to get a close-up view of a lighthouse? Then check out Lighthouse Cam #2! It’s focused on the Duluth North Pier Lighthouse, right by Lake Superior. You can see the lighthouse up close and watch the water sparkle in the sunlight.

Park, Beach, and Bayfront Cams: 

Duluth has around 162 parks, check out a live webcam of Canal Park for the best coverage. If you’re all about beach vibes, Duluth has many like Park Point, Brighton Beach Park, and Pike Lake Golf & Beach Club. Catch a live view of Park Point’s beach via our webcam anytime. And let’s not forget Bayfront Festival Park, a landmark on Lake Superior’s shores. While the physical Duluth Bayfront Cam may be closed, you can still enjoy the scenery through these live camera feeds, take your pick!

  • Duluth Bayfront Cam: This camera sits up high on the hill, giving you a sweet view of Duluth’s busy harbor. You can watch big ships cruising Lake Superior and see what’s happening at Bayfront Festival Park. Regardless of the weather, this cam shows you real-time views of Duluth’s waterfront.
  • Duluth Park Point Beach Live Webcam: Park Point Beach stretches for 7 miles along Lake Superior. Our live webcam brings the beach to you, showing off the waves and sandy shores. 
  • Duluth Harbor Park Cam: Right in Canal Park, this cam lets you take a look at Duluth’s famous Aerial Lift Bridge and the lakefront. You can also catch a glimpse of the South Pier Inn’s private shoreline. Watch the sunset or see big ships passing through, all year round.

Canal Cam:

The Duluth Ship Canal is a man-made waterway carved through Minnesota Point. It gives boats a direct route from Lake Superior to Duluth harbor. With Duluth Canal Cam, you can see Canal Park and a lot is going on. There’s a view of people strolling along the Lakewalk. 

You can also see the DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace shops selling gifts and tasty treats, plus restaurants, breweries, and art galleries throughout the neighborhood. The live stream from the Lake Superior Duluth Ship Canal Live Stream Cam also lets you see all the action on the water. 

Final words 

Now, you can experience the Duluth Harbor live just through your screen! Click to watch now and see the sights and sounds of this historic port city in Minnesota. If any of these webcams aren’t working, let us know. You can also add your webcams by contacting us. That being said, you can also check out our other live beaches and weather webcams all around the US! 


1. What app can I use to see live cameras all over the world?

You can use the EarthCam’s Webcams app to explore different places globally. If you want to see high-quality live cameras in specific places like Duluth, you should visit our website.

2. Where can I find the Duluth Harbor Cam?

You can find the Duluth Harbor Cam, known as the Canal Cam, at the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center. It’s positioned to give you a close-up view of the Aerial Lift Bridge and Shipping Canal in Duluth. See our webcam to understand it.

3. Why is Duluth famous?

Duluth is famous for its Aerial Lift Bridge, which goes over the Duluth Ship Canal into the Duluth-Superior Harbor. Also, people love to visit Minnesota Point, or Park Point, which is one of the longest freshwater sand spits in the world, stretching 6 miles (9.7 km) long. You can check them all out on our live free cams.