Campus Point Surf Cam | Isla Vista, CA Beach

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Campus Point Surf Cam | Isla Vista, Ca Beach

Live Campus Point Surf Cam

Watch this live HD surf cam from Campus Point Beach in Isla Vista, California. Campus Point Beach offers a fun scene with UCSB college students and families looking for relaxation with sunshine, while kids play in the sand and water. In the morning and mid-day there is no shade at all, but in the afternoon the bluffs create wide areas of shade. It is widely known as a beginning surfer’s beach. Isla Vista is located in Santa Barbara County.

Main Attractions In Isla Vista: Goleta County Beach, Santa Beach, Danish Village, Fairview Gardens Farm, Old Mission Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Courthouse, South Coast Railroad Museum, Santa Barbara Waterfront

Keep tabs on the surfers and the surf conditions at Campus Point here. The information updates every 10 minutes regarding the Wind Direction (WDIR), Wind Speed (WSPD), Wind Gust (GST), Wave Height (WVHT), Dominant Wave Period (DPD), Average Period (APD), Mean Wave Direction (MWD), Atmospheric Pressure (PRES), Air Temperature (ATMP), Water Temperature (WTMP), Dew Point (DEWP), Visibility (VIS), Swell Height (SwH), Swell Period (SwP), Swell Direction (SwD), Wind Wave Height (WWH), Wind Wave Period (WWP), Wind Wave Direction (WWD), Wave Steepness (STEEPNESS), and Average Wave Period (APD)

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